History of Philosophy:

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  The School in Athens 1:
Heraclitos, Parmenides, Zeno, Pythagoras, Epicurus, Thales.  Protagoras: Man is the measusre of all things.  Socrates.

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  The School in Athens 2:
Plato and the doctrine of ideas.

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  The School in Athens  3:
Aristotle and the unity of form and matter. Essential definition and classification.  The particular and the general.  Common sense. Tutor of Alexander the Great.

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  The School in Athens 4:
Aristotle and the medical science of Hippocrates. The unchanging unit of change.  The entelechia or striving of all things to fulfil their essential definition.

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  The School in Athens 5:
Aristotle and the four causes.  Empirical studies of nature. Aristotle as the founder of the sciences.  Aristotle's psychology.
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