René Descartes  

  The leaning Tower 15:
Descartes enlists as soldier in the Thirty Years War, is discovered by  Isaac Beeckman and invents the coordinate system. Descartes receives his great vision in the army camp at Neuburg: Cogito ergo sum.

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  The leaning Tower 16:
Descartes and the methodical doubt. The bee wax analogy demonstrates that thought is more fundamental than sensation. Descartes and the intellectuals' Internationale.

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  The leaning Tower 17:
Descartes in Amsterdam. Dualism, res cogitans and res extensa. Descartes' physical theories and dioptric.

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  The leaning Tower 18:
Descartes explains the body as a mechanical machine and describes as first the reflex arc.  The heart rending story about Francine.

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  The leaning Tower 19:
Descartes denies the animal soul, but finds the human soul a seat in the pineal gland.  Descartes proposes his hypothesis of psycho-physical interaction and explains how early experience can steer us unconsciously. 

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  The leaning Tower 20:
Elizabeth's intelligent objections make Descartes doubt his own hypothesis and adversity makes him accept Queen Christina's invitation. Descartes' dies in Stockholm from loneliness and cold.  Descartes is humiliated even after death.

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