the history of philosophy
from Galileo to Kant.
(Series still to be completed).


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Galileo's scientific revolution
and the world from which it came.


  The leaning Tower 1:
Galileo refutes and demolishes Aristotle and launches the revolution of modern science..

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  The leaning Tower 2:
The sad fate of Giodarno Bruno. The revolution of Copernicus. Tycho Brahe's measurements and Kepler's laws. The Papal trial against Galileo. 

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  The leaning Tower  3:
Preconditions for the scientific break-through.  From the Middle Ages to the Renaissance.  The feudal world picture - the Scala natura and the Doctrine of the Two Swords. Pico della Mirandola heralds the individualism of the new bourgeois class.   Erasmus, Luther and Thomas More.

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  The leaning Tower 4:
Martin Luther's reformation.  Philip Melanchton and psychology. Demons and witch burnings.

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  The leaning Tower 5:
The Catholick counter-reformation.  Wars of religion in Europe, strife of faith in England.  The Spanish Armada causes Thomas Hobbes to be born prematurely.

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