The History of the Great Movers
from biblical times to Manifest Destiny.

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  The Anthropogenesis 36:
Looking for the deep pattern.  Movers and stayers.  Animals and plants.  Sperms and eggs.  Males and females. Hunters and gatherers.
Darwin on sexual selection.

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  The Anthropogenesis 37:
Movers against stayers. The eternal strife between farmer and herdsman from Cain and Abel to Shane. Abraham and the nomad's promise.  Joshua and Jericho.  Patriarchal monotheism overrides the early female worship of Catal Huyuk. 

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  The Anthropogenesis 38:
Horseborn raiders out of Asia - from the spread of the Indo-Europeans  to Ghengis Khan's mongolian invasion. Kublai Khan and the Chinese Wall. Marco Polo. Abraham's other family and the Muslim conquest.  The Huns set in motion the Great Migration and Attila brings down the Roman Empire.

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  The Anthropogenesis 39:
Seaborne raiders from the North Sea coast of Europe.  The warning of the boat in the Alta rock carvings. The Anglo-Saxon invasion of Britain, Arthur's gallant defense, and the Britons' final defeat. The long ship, the pirates' dream.   The sacking of Lindisfarne 793 heralds the Viking age.

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  The Anthropogenesis 40:
The Viking age. From piracy to conquest and settling and the creation of Danelaw.  King Alfred strikes back.  The genocide on St. Brice's Day 1002.  Sweyn's revenge and Canute the Great. William the Conqueror defeats Harold and harrows the North.  The brutal rule of the Norman barons.  The crusades and the ill fate of Jerusalem and Constantinople. 

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