5. The earliest development of human society
    (Levy-Strauss included)
  The Anthropogenesis 22:
Surplus, economy, and society.
The fundamental difference between provisioning and sharing.  The distribution of the work load in the hunter-gatherer society.

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  The Anthropogenesis 23:
When did the leap take place?
Adam and Eve much too late. 
Looking in the chart of human evolution.  The possibility of multiple beginnings.

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  The Anthropogenesis 24:
Migrating out of the state of nature.
Marriage shores up the human society.

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  The Anthropogenesis 25:
The brilliant insight of Levy-Strauss and Social Anthropology.  Durkheim.
Mauss and the gift.  The kinship system.

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  The Anthropogensis 26:
Taboo is not the beginning. Where the French Structuralism fails when compared  with our story
of the leap. 
Traditional families, modern families, and the postmodern dissolution of the family.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution 2.  The classical anthropogenesis 3. The history of physical anthropology
4.  The problem of the defining human 5.  The earliest development of human society 6. From African exodus to Ice-Age prosperity
7.  Out of Eden