4.  The problem of the defining human property
     - and its solution.  The egoism-altruism debate included.


  The Anthropogenesis 15:
Louis Leakey and the human significance of tools.  Jane Goodall: Apes have tools and culture too.  Imo, a genius monkey from Yakushima.  Continuity versus discontinuity in human evolution.  Engels' explanation.

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  The Anthropogensis 16:
Vygotsky and his lieutenants.  Leontiev's classification of the evolutionary stages of activity.  Köhler's insight.
Leontiev - and Rousseau - on the battue as the decisive step in human evolution.

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  The Anthropogenesis 17:
Adding a social dimension to Leontiev's classification, and finding the dimension they have all been missing.

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  The Anthropogenesis 18:
The Egoism-Altruism debate.  Dawkins, Hobbes, Mandeville, Bishop Butler and David Hume.

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  The Anthropogenesis 19:
An attempt to put straight the Egoism-Altruism confusion.

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  The Anthropogenesis 20:
Modern variations of the same theme.
Hamilton and kin-selection.  Trivers and reciprocal altruism.  Reversing Darwin on selection. Edmund Burke and the confusion of contracts. 

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  The Anthropogensis 21:
Three fundamental relations:  The Selfish, the Altruistic, and the Social.
The leap from animal to human existence graphically depicted.  The embryonic society.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution 2.  The classical anthropogenesis 3. The history of physical anthropology
4.  The problem of the defining human 5.  The earliest development of human society 6. From African exodus to Ice-Age prosperity
7.  Out of Eden