3.  The history of physical anthropology
      from Dubois to Piltdown and the Leakeys.


Neanderthal.  Dubois og Pithecanthropus erectus.  Homo erectus.
  The Anthropogenesis 8:
The history of Paleo-anthropology (Physical anthropology).
The discovery of the Neanderthal.
Dubois and the discovery of
Homo erectus.

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  The Anthropogenesis 9:
Dart and the discovery of Australopithecus africanus.
Homo heidelbergensis, Keith and the Piltdown fossil.

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  The Anthropogenesis 10:
Broom's discovery of more Australopithecines -
robust and gracile.

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  The Anthropogensis 11:
The Piltdown fossil reexamined.  Rounding up suspects: Conan Doyle and Teilhard Chardin.

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  The Anthropogenesis 12:
Louis Leakey's vision.
The Leakey family and Homo habilis.

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  The Anthropogenesis 13:
Don Johanson and the discovery of Lucy.
Australopithecus afarensis.
The dispute with the Leakey family.

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  The Anthropogenesis 14:
Hominid variation and their interpretation.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution 2.  The classical anthropogenesis 3. The history of physical anthropology
4.  The problem of the defining human 5.  The earliest development of human society 6. From African exodus to Ice-Age prosperity
7.  Out of Eden