2.  The classical anthropogenesis
     from the Greeks to Rousseau and Darwin and Engels.


  The Anthropogenesis 5:
The classical story of the anthropogenesis.
The Platonic understanding.  The particle
theory of Democritos.  Protagoras'
story - Epimethic and Promethic properties.

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  The Anthropogenesis 6:
The classical anthropogenesis continued. Lucretius and Rosseau.  Darwin.

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  The Anthropogenesis 7:
The classical anthropogenesis contiued.
Darwin and Wallace and the theory of
brain evolution.  Engels and Marx on hand and brain.  Aristotle and Anaxagoras on hand and intelligence.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution 2.  The classical anthropogenesis 3. The history of physical anthropology
4.  The problem of the defining human 5.  The earliest development of human society 6. From African exodus to Ice-Age prosperity
7.  Out of Eden