The story of human evolution and the human nature.
How it has traditionally been told, and how it may have been.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution


  The Anthropogenesis 1:
The leap from ape to human being. 
See how it happened.

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  The Anthropogenesis 2:
A solution of a contradiction and its
consequences for human consciousness
and language.

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  The Anthropogenesis 3:
The development of Taboo, Exogamy
and juvenilisation.

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  The Anthropogenesis 4:
Hunting and male social organization.
The surplus provided by female gathering
and the establishment of the hunter-
gatherer economy. 
Investment in spiritual activites.

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1.  The decisive leap in human evolution 2.  The classical anthropogenesis 3. The history of physical anthropology
4.  The problem of the defining human 5.  The earliest development of human society 6. From African exodus to Ice-Age prosperity
7.  Out of Eden