General Psychology 6:
The cell and the elephant. 
L.S.  Vygotsky and Karl Bühler on two different approaches to the Crisis of Psychology. Vygotsky and the word, the dialectical leap. Bühler and concordance, the fable of the six wise men of India who met an elephant. The sorry state of psychology confirmed by APA- presidents past and present.

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  General Psychology 7:
The true domain of psychology: That which everybody knows.  Jerry Fodor endorses grandmother psychology; Paul Churchland dissents.
William Stern, Jerome Bruner and Daniel Robinson
on some of the causes of our sorry state.

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  General Psychology 8:
The 'Uncle John' response to psychology.  A Christmas tree analogy shows the difference between psychology and other sciences, and also why psychologists do have a grip on their subject matter.  On free gifts in science. On basic science and the ivory tower. A minister of science and technology visits the show and meets pragmatic William James.

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  General Psychology 9:
How William James  lured young Hugo Münsterberg to take over his chair at Harvarad,  when he grew tired of this little measly science.

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  General Psychology 10:
Hugo Münsterberg invents applied psychology.  Cases from psychotherapy, educational psychology, forensic psychology, and industrial and organizational psychology.  The rise and fall of Münsterberg.  The secret behind the great success of applied psychology: Practical attitude and pragmatic ecclecticism.

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