A story of psychology in general


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  General Psychology 1:
The missing general psychology.
Guest stars in order of appearance: William Stern, Gordon Allport, Sergei Rubinstein, Jerome S. Bruner, William James, Daniel Robinson, Charles Tolman, and Michael Scriven.

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  General Psychology 2:
What is the psychological domain? A first order problem presented by Zenon Pylyshyn and confirmed by Michael Gazzaniga. The major contestants of the School War (see picture left).  The dark conclusion of Sigmund Koch. 

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  General Psychology 3:
Field and domain, an essential distinction.

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General Psychology 4:
G. H. Lewes and the Wheel of Science. 
Physics and the scientific conception of the world.  From Big Bang to mammalian evolution.  Law and contingency.

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  General Psychology 5:
The nature of scientific theory.  Cell and evolution:
The genesis of the science of biology.

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