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General Psychology


Gestalt Psychology


Hugo Münsterberg and
Applied Psychology

The deep theoretical problem of psychology and its causes. An attempt to put things right. Animated powerpoint show (viewer included).  Series not yet completed.
Gestalt psychology as told by Karl Bühler
to dogs.  From Wertheimer and the phi-phenomenon to Köhler's Sultan, Thorn-dike's cat, field theory and Karl Lashley's enigma.
Hugo Münsterberg's invention of applied psychology, his marvelous rise and terrible fall, as told by his friend William Stern to a goldfish. 
(Presentation 10 of General Psychology series).

Six Wise Men of India


General Psychology
in Pictures




The story of the six wise but blind men from India who met an elephant in the forest.  Animated Power-Point presentation (viewer included).





  Large poster presentation of the problems of general psychology and the possible solution.  OBS!  Straight .ppt files.